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We pleased to offer custom and contract digging and tree moving by Selby Hull and Tree Harvesters, LLC.

Selby's long and extensive experience in digging and moving trees of almost any size insure that your trees are dug and moved safely and with care.

We have the experience and the equipement to transplant trees of almost any size (20" to 90" rootballs!) and we take pride in transplanting your tree with minimal stress to your tree and you!

We have a wide variety of spades and trucks that allow us to assist you in almost any situation.



Backed by Selby's vast experience and a wide range of equipment, we can dig and transport rootballs from 20" to 90" in size. Whether we're digging our trees or yours, we dig the best rootballs anywhere.
And you know the better the rootball the healthier the tree!

Please call Selby about your specific requirements and for more information.
office - 770-946-9744
cell - 770-294-4699

Thank you.


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